Welcome to Jeff Jonaitis' Art Portfolio online. My goal is to make 3-D game assets that entertain and immerse the gamer in his environment. This site demonstrates my skills and my own qualification’s for the job I’m seeking.
    I graduated from UAT in December 2004 with a Bachelors in Art Multimedia. While attending UAT I worked on two game projects sponsored by the college, Asylum and Wellspring. Both projects taught me lessons in efficiency and what it takes to make 3-D game art assets. I worked with Level designers, Programmers, and other Artist so that we can put a working game together. Each project called for unique solutions and research in to the tools and techniques used.
    Now that I have graduated, I want too dive in to making game assets and expanding on my skills. When you look over my qualification’s I hope you’ll think of me as a potential employee.

Jeff Jonaitis
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