A Moment in Time
A Moment in Time jonaitis_art400_ass4.PSD Made for Conceptual Illustration
File size: 18,305 KB PSD file Creation Time: 1 hour 48 minutes 7 Layers
Description: Done to capture a moment in time or something out of time. An allegory of the artist adapting to technology that is moving beyond comprehension. So the painting on the monitor is sort of like the blonde putting whiteout on the monitor joke.

This image was done by composting several images together, a Easel, computer monitor, a painter, a image represtation of a star going nova, and outside Phoenix Arizona after a freak hail storm. I then applied filters Cutout (5,4,2, luminosity), Dry Brush (3,8,3, Screen), Paint Daubs (4,8, Lighten) too the composted photographs. I then used a scanned in image of watercolor paper, Clapped the levels and masked out the center.

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