Order & Chaos
Order & Chaos jonaitis_mtm307_ass018.psd Made for Advanced Photoshop
File size: 39,982 KB PSD file Creation time: 7 hour 40 minutes 16 Layers
Description: Order and Chaos are two factions of the universe that organizes and reorganizes to reinvent the universe itself. Order creates structure for without it the universe could ceases to exist, so in essence it picks up the pieces of Chaos. Chaos is chance and is the vehicle of new concepts, creation and destruction. Ideas and innovations stream from Chaos as doesn’t procrastination and apathy. Chaos neither knows what its doing as it’s mindless and random. While Order organizes what chaos creates in to some type of structure that all ready exist.

To create this I original had came up with two deities that represented Chaos and Order. So I went with the dark void and image of Light to represent the two factions. I wanted to show that Chaos and Order used basic fibers or the universes matrix (energy field of life strains, think fibers entwined. Large collection means more energy like earth or stars). So I used light like light beams that are getting pulled in to Chaos to manipulate and convert to uncontrolled electricity. Where Order converts it in to a more organized energy basically back to the rays of light.

I did the Lighting by creating a cloud effects that I clapped the levels on twice. I then inverted it and deleted the lines I didn’t want. I did this three times to get the bolts I wanted and merged them down and masked parts to make it look like they where going in to the clouds.
The rays of light I did by using the clouds filter. Then I used the filter Chrome twice, the filter Radial Blur. I set the Radial Blur Amount to 100, method to Zoom and Quality to Best. I did this twice then I set the blend mode to Linear Dodge and Transform distort to make it look like it was coming from a source. For Chaos I darken the lines near the cloud to make it look like it was going in to the cloud. I then added a touch of yellow green.
The planets and asteroids where created by taking dirt texture and cutting out what I wanted. I added in a dark areas and masked to make it look like they where coming and going in to the cloud respectively to anchor them to the background. I used the same technique above to create the line that makes the asteroids look like they are flying apart. And I added in particles through the Dissolve blend mode.

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