Bridge Waterfront Towers
Bridge Waterfront Towers Watercolor Made for 3D design
Canvus type: Cold pressed Illustration Board Canvus size: 12 x22 inchs Creation time: about 8 hours
Description: This piece was done to 3 point perspective. What made this like very weird is the vanishing points where not spread out far enough to deal with the top vanishing point. I should have made up the parts that gave me trouble instead of trying to capture the angled water wall.

To get the window detail I taped up then exacto knifed the tape off and came down with a brush to get the even tone. Then pulled the tape away to lay down new tape to do the other tone so they wouldn’t bleed. Then I did touch up with a 000 brush that I turn in to a 00000 with only 5 bristles.

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