Ode to Keshia
Ode to Keshia Pastel Made for Life Drawing 2
Canvus type: Ingres; blue Canvus size: 24 x35 inchs Framed Creation time: about 14 hours to paint
Description: This piece took me some time to do as it was sort of break away from my standard color choice at the time and I was going for bright loud colors. Which was the style of a girl in my class, Keshia was always doing on her beautiful artwork. So this was homage to her work. Though at the time I was thinking to capture black you use black, but now I know. NEVER use black. Always use combinations of two or three colors because straight black will always flatten and image. Hence why I tried fixing it by adding in white to lighten it up and break up the black but it never did work. Well you learn from your mistakes.

This piece has been featured in two art shows. One in Grand Rapids and the other at Phoenix. The Grand Rapids show was at Grand Rapids Community College in a student art show that ran three weeks. The Phoenix showing was at University of Advancing Technology for five weeks.

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