Welcome to the Tutorial section where I cover some of the basic techniques I use to make my models. If you have any questions e-mail me or ask a teacher or professional. I hope you enjoy or learn something. As everyone, including the novice has something to teach you.
1. Basic Modeling Theory and Technique
              Perception Theory
              Visual Relativity
              3D Modeling Theory
              Project: Simple Table
2. Box Modeling Technique
              Box Modeling knowledge
              Box Modeling Steps and Stages
              Project: Subdivision (Cage Modeling)
3. Advance Modeling Knowledge
              Manifold Geometry
              Geometric Flow
              Edge Loops
              Setting reference images
              Roundness Trick with Cylinders
              Smooth Group Light/Shadow
              Floating Geometry
              Modular modeling
4. Unwrap Theory & Technique
              Unwrap Theory
              Pixel Stretching and Pinching
              Wasted Space in Unwrap
              Project: Unwrap bug
5. Advance Unwrapping Techniques
              Help in arranging UVW's
              Thirding UVW's
              Fixing model once Unwrapping started
              More than 1 Material on Model
              Exporting UVW's
              Unwrap Secret #1
6. Texturing Theory, Methods & Layer Sets
              Texturing Theory
              Lighting plays a key factor
              Texturing Methods
                  Hand Painting
                  Photo Painting
              Layer Theories
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